Warm Bamboo Massage at Eforea Spa - Millennium Hilton Bangkok


Welcome to ChaiMiles's review. This review is written based on experienced after received a service from eforea spa. There is no hidden advertisement or any support from product's owner.

Eforea is a name of Spa located in Millennium Hilton Bangkok, 5-star riverside hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. According to COVID-19 pandemic, spa and treatment service is just back to operate for couple months. Number of therapists may not be able to fulfilled huge demand of customer. We recommended you to call and make a reservation in advance at least for a week.

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1. Quick Take

eforea spa is located at ground floor of Millennium Hilton Bangkok. You can see an entrance on the right next to front-desk. The good thing of eforea spa is a huge spa area and various type of treatment. 

Our treatment today is 90 minutes for warm bamboo massage. It is very unique treatment and a must try experience. Warm bamboo is quite similar to hot stone massage. Therapist will rub on some silky oils to get your skin ready for the bamboo. Once bamboo is heat up and ready, therapist will roll warm bamboo on your back, stretching and elongating muscles to relieve all sorts of aches and pains.

2. Service

There is 1-2 staffs stand and welcome you  at reception. After greeting, staff will serve you a herbal tea ,doing a consultation and choose aroma oil.

Welcome drink is butterfly pea tea mix with lime juice. drink is not too sweet and I think it a good start here.

3. Room

Therapist brings to a spacious massage room which is a underground room. This is a couple room to enjoy your treatment with you fiance. In case you are a solo-customer, eforea has a single room which is also nice.

There is a jacuzzi bath in massage room. Unfortunately, bathing is not included in warm bamboo massage. We will try this next time :)

As I mentioned before, room is spacious. There is bathroom and toilet separately. I would recommended to quick bath before start treatment.

4. Massage

Once you enter the room, what you need to do is to changed your cloth to prepared underwear  and bathrobe. Then, therapist will ask you to clean your feet with warm water.

Warm bamboo is heat up and ready. But before warm bamboo treatment, therapist will rub your with silky aroma oil to prepare your skin before rolling with warm bamboo.

Warm bamboo will be rolled from neck to leg only back of your body. Front body will be aroma massage as usual. 

For me, warm bamboo is superb for relieve aches and pain at legs and calf. If your focus area is back, neck and shoulder, I would recommended to go for aroma massage or Thai massage. 

Note : There is no need to wash your body after finish treatment. It would be better to wait at least 2 hours before take a bath. 

After complete treatment, there is a ginger pandan tea serve at waiting area.

5. Bottom line

Overall experience is great. I totally love atmosphere of eforea spa at Millennium Hilton Bangkok. Service of staff is good but can be better. Therapist is well trained and experienced. 
Warm bamboo massage is a good relaxation experience but I could say that it is not my type. I would love to enjoy aroma massage than warm bamboo massage. 

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